Earthworks, Drainage and Foundations

At Aramex Industries, we have the knowledge and resources to safely and efficiently complete your earthwork projects. Whether for NYSDOT or private developers, we can perform earthwork, grading, wetlands construction and an array of various tasks as improvements to existing sites or new development projects.

Our project management staff and drainage installation crews combine our expertise with the latest equipment to safely handle all of your drainage needs. Whether in earth or rock, shallow or deep, we have the experienced personnel, specialized equipment and proper safety procedures to construct the most complex jobs. Proper drainage planning is crucial to the use of a developed area. We utilize the latest in GPS machine control to ensure the precision grade set by our Licensed Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors.

We merge state-of-the-art technology with years of experience, making the most of both. With our history and reputation within the industry, we have contracting relationships with all the right people. If our fleet does not contain the ideal machinery for the project, we have the resources and contacts to have it on the job within hours.

Our team performs excavation, general land clearing and grubbing, as well as many other vital steps of site preparation. Work tasks include foundation preparation, foundation installation, dewatering systems and rock excavation. Our experience, combined with our innovative techniques and equipment, provides us with the capability to handle the most challenging projects.

Excavation is an integral piece in infrastructure projects and commercial developments. From building highways and bridges to renovating roadways, jobs begin with foundation and excavation work. Aramex Industries has provided site work and foundation construction for a wide range of public and private projects.

Innovation and safety are among the primary drivers in the world of civil projects. Aramex Industries' commitment to both has made us a leader in the Northeast’s heavy construction community. We provide drainage and box culverts for both public and private clients, and for the New Jersey State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT). Combining our expertise, equipment and processes, including our innovative use of the slide rail shoring system, sloping, sheet piling and steel bracing, and trench boxes, we ensure safety, on-time production and quality results.


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Erfan Shaker

VP, Project Development & Operations

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